What is Free My Apps?

If you’re not already one of the over 1 million FreeMyApp users that constantly accesses our wide range of apps and earns rewards, let us explain how this works…

Our Sponsors want you to be the first to experience their new apps and as a way of encouragement, and recognition of your loyalty, they assign credits to each app you download. So once you've opened up the app and given it a test-drive, you can begin to build up your credits and later exchange them for a variety of valuable Gift Cards.


1. Input our special link, http://fma.cash/renegadesgg, into your mobile browser.
2. Download from a list of apps to earn credits.
3. Redeem credits to earn free RP or a variety of other gift cards.

Getting Started

Q: How does FreeMyApps work?

A: It's pretty simple! When you download and try our free sponsor apps, you will earn credits, and credits can be redeemed for gift cards. In other words, you can get real gift cards without spending a penny, and it really works! This is all possible because our sponsors love helping people discover their cool apps, and we love helping our users earn free stuff, so, win-win!

Q: I'm in a different region than NA! Can I still get Free RP?

A: Yes! There is a happy alternative. You can redeem Amazon cards and purchase RP through there.

Q: Can I use FreeMyApps?

A: System Requirements:

  • Android Devices
  • Must be Android version 2.3 or higher
  • Login with a Facebook verified account is required
  • Apple (iOS) Devices
  • iOS 6 or greater is required
  • Jailbroken devices are not supported and will not be able to redeem gifts
  • iPods must be version 4 or higher
  • You must use FreeMyApps with the Safari browser
  • Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies must be set to 'Always' or 'From visited'
  • Settings > Safari > Private Browsing must be set to OFF

Sponsor Apps

Q: I downloaded one of your sponsor's apps but I'm not getting my credits.

A: We are very sorry you are having difficulty! There could be a couple potential reasons for this.

  • You didn't click on the app on the FreeMyApps Sponsors tab before downloading it.
  • You didn't run the app for long enough after downloading. Did you use it for at least 30 seconds, did you get to know the app a bit?
  • You have already downloaded the app before. Even if you deleted the app, you can only earn credits if this is the first time you've downloaded the app before.

Sometimes apps need you to do more than just use them for 30 seconds. Sometimes you need to register or get to a certain level before credits will be paid, but the app should say this where you click on it. Make sure to read the app descriptions carefully!

Occasionally we have technical issues that delay credit payout. Make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for information about system issues. Finally... if you still don't understand why you haven't gotten your credits, we are really sorry! Let us know with your share code at support@freemyapps.com.