Several months ago a motley collection of players came together in Los Angeles to form a ranked fives team in hopes of qualifying for the North American Challenger Series. Some of these Misfits were LCS veterans who left their former teams in search of a new environment and a fresh identity. The rest were promising young talent hungry to compete and fight their way into the professional scene for the first time. These unlikely companions came together from the far reaches of the globe in search of camaraderie and competition. Together, they won.

We started as Misfits in our infancy on the ranked ladder, but as the team grows into the Challenger Series and, hopefully, the LCS, our image needs to reflect not just who we are, but who we hope to be. While our Misfits may have been ill-suited to their former circumstances, they now adopt the mantle of Renegades as they change allegiance from their old teams to the new and stand united, ready to face the inevitable challenges of our future.

Our switch to Renegades brings not only a new identity, but fresh recruits to our posse. We’re proud to announce the acquisition of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster formerly known as Vox Eminor. Vox won the hearts of fans with their personalities and strong results against top teams at recent events, even though none of the players currently practice full-time. We hope that by bringing the team on salary, with the help of our sponsor AlphaDraft, they will continue to refine and improve their play in the coming months.

We’re also bolstering our management as we welcome Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles as a co-owner of Renegades alongside Chris “Doombang” Badawi. MonteCristo’s decade-long experience in eSports as a caster, manager, and coach lends crucial insight into how to build and run a successful team. While MonteCristo will not directly work with the League of Legends team as a coach, his expertise will help us build a strong infrastructure to support our players. In addition to our new internal management, Renegades is thrilled to reveal our representation by the notable agency WME | -IMG to help build our brand as we move into this new frontier.

In spite of these myriad changes, Renegades remains a team dedicated to the wellbeing of its players above all else. We founded the organization with the intent of changing industry practices that we feel unfairly treated or compensated professional gamers during their short careers, and we continue to stand by that mission. We’re here to build the ideal team in which players can live, train, grow, and prosper.

Please follow and support our new group of Renegades on our new social media accounts at TWITTER and FACEBOOK for updates on our LoL and CS:GO teams moving forward.

We are Renegades. Do you believe in RNG?