Jackets, Hoodies now on pre-order


After a lengthy wait, we are thrilled to announce we’ll be taking pre-orders for our Renegades eSports jacket. For $135, a jacket authentic to the one worn by our players on stage can finally be yours.

We’ll also be adding our brand-new Renegades zipped hoodie to the store. Hot off the press, these were featured by our Halo team at their top four finish at X Games Aspen. Pre-orders will be taken for $70.

While you make your pre-order, also make sure to take a stroll through our entire store and checkout the rest of our merchandise.

Hi I'm David "Truefasa" Demarco and I make written content for Renegades. My immediate goal in life is to wear a continental tie with a modern print. Twitter: https://twitter.com/RNGTrue